Friday, January 19, 2007

Today was a real slog

Today was a real slog to get to Paddington. The tube is a nightmare, I usually cycle everywhere. That train residency is rather a blessing as I can find time to do some work on the trains. I have to confess that I avoid the rush hour completely otherwise my experience of travelling might not be quite so pleasant.
I grew up commuting between Paris and its suburb and it feels very familiar to be on the train day dreaming, looking at the scenery and being in that strange meditative state train travelling puts you in.
What does an artist do on a train? Well the same thing as other people I guess. The question of whether art is a socially engaged practice is a bit like wondering what a fish does in water. Well they move around don t they?
I got some pretty criptic text today:
"Read at loud?what? 'ten 30'is a beautiful hour.i shouldchange my rythm so that i don't sleep t that time. ill be on the wind at 3pm, possibly maybe. f." Would someone care to translate that one for me. Thanks


At 23-Jan-2007 00:13:00 , f. said...

Well it wasn't that complicated.(boys boys boys...). First, je viens de comprendre que "Reading" est une station, ça aide pour comprendre la première réponse. Then, I just said that 10h30 est une belle heure, et que si je changeais mon rythme de ces dernieres semaines, je devrais pouvoir la vivre au lieu de dormir.
Les trains de Paris sont encore différents.Vraiment, rien ne s'approche de près ou de loin de l'odeur dans laquelle baignent les TER du Nord...Les RER peuvent parfois en reflechir une pâle copie.But again, fortunately, strangers are everywhere. Désolée du malentendu. En même temps, on s'ennuirait vite, sans malentendu. Non ?F.


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Desjardin is a French artist based in London, whose practice is not easily categorised.

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