Monday, February 19, 2007

Artist's talk at Reading station saturday feb 24th

I'll begin this by mentionning the talk at reading station next saturday in one of the waiting rooms. Drinks afterwards as per normal for an opening. Be warned there will be no art, or maybe just a bit here and there. Performance anyone? It starts at 2 o'clock and should be signed for wandering souls.
I read recently about the death of Emmett Williams the american poet and fluxus editor extraordinaire of Something Else Press. The man has published and helped publish many great books and will be remembered for it, at least by me.
Last friday was spent running around like a headless frenchman (something on the guillotine at a later date) with my daughter in tow. First to meet Erica the organiser and curator of this transient project to catch up on things and talk for a while. When you have things to say, half an hour is not enough, even less when constantly interrupted by an attention grabing four and a half years old human being. Then it was on to being interviewed by William English on his Resonnce FM show, his slot is Friday afternoon so that was live from Paddington. I haven't heard it yet but I believe it is archived. The show is called Wavelength, tune in to Resonance on 104.4 fm or visit
This radio station is the best aural experience you'll ever have on the FM. Other worldly and truly fantastic.
Then it was on to the opening of a group show in which I have some works. The show is called Salon, it s on Old Bethnal Green road, london E2 at the 1000000mph. project space (read a million miles per hour). Art, Fashion, say no more except it is of course worth a visit.


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Arnaud Desjardin

For his project Stranger on the Train Arnaud Desjardin has taken up a transitory residency on the trains offering his services to the public as an 'artist for engagement'.

He is inviting people to book meetings with him during his journeys to discuss his practice, the practice of other artists, and most importantly the assumed and implied roles of socially engaged arts practices, where the artist is hoped to better contemporary society according to current political agendas.

Desjardin is a French artist based in London, whose practice is not easily categorised.

His work references art historical theories and practice and he is mostly interested in understandings of perception and reality. He has exhibited work at a national and international level and has worked in collaborative partnerships with other artists. One of his current interests considers the figure of the artist as a use to society.

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For more information on how to participate view the Participation Page

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