Jo Roberts

Jo Roberts has produced a free printed booklet available at Reading and London Paddington stations for her project Back and Forth.

From this site you can also download the booklet in PDF format (PDF, 89KB).

Inspired by her time spent on the local stopper trains between Reading and Paddington, Robertsí not only documents her observations of the geographical journey but also, and perhaps more importantly, takes note of the very personal encounters that are taking place on the trains through mobile connection in this crossover of private and public space.

Roberts is a Midlands based artist whose work is at a national level. Her practice is project based and is centred in communication, interaction, journeying and reflective observation.

She is continually engaging with lived experiences and is arrested by items on the periphery, aware of their understated importance and endowing them with focus.

Robertsí work is a celebration of the people, places and events that she experiences through her travels. She highlights the everyday and asks us to place importance and value on those commonplace events that relate to us all.