Olivia Plender

Olivia Plender has gained access to First Great Western's free in-house magazine Reach, where her new cartoon, Work, has been printed.

The cartoon has been produced as a result of Plender's research and engagement with staff at Reading station and extends one of her current modes of practice, the comic.

The cartoon depicts a long-standing station employee, Barry, who started work for First Great Western over 17 years ago through the Conservative governmentís Youth Training Scheme. The image and snippet of personal history humanizes Barry, the station employee, prompting a feeling of mutual respect between customer and service.

Work also reinforces and questions our understanding of political and social responsibility.

Plender is a London based artist whose career is developing with great speed and success. Her work has been shown at a national and international level and her working methodology and research are rigorous.

She has a great number of interests and is currently looking into the history of spiritualism, 70ís horror films, comic strips and Ken Russell.

Her interest in comic strip and pulp fiction book covers are evident in her drawing and is made manifest in her three episode comic book The Masterpiece, a work where the lead character is an artistic genius but finds himself embroiled in the world of religious cults and bogus bohemians.